Columbia-JED Campus Objectives

Columbia Live Well | Learn Well

Ensure substance use policies and protocols best support students.

Columbia is committed to developing strategic messaging campaigns that educate students about the risks and consequences of substance use. Prevention measures will include expanded training for first responders and key community personnel to identify and quickly respond to substance use.

Working Group Members: 


Melanie Bernitz
Associate Vice President/Medical Director, Columbia Health


Michael McNeil
Chief of Administration, Columbia Health

Jim Fey
Director of Morningside Operations, Public Safety

Lichinia Beltre
Executive Director of Compliance, Student Financial Services

Sam Roberts

Lisa Rosen-Metsch
Dean, School of General Studies

Sharon Sperling-Silber
Nurse Practitioner, Columbia Health Medical Services

Supriya Makam
Student, Columbia College

Alexander Meshel
Graduate, Columbia College

Dean Foskett
Student, School of General Studies

Kevin Graves
Graduate, School of General Studies

Nicky Ganek
Student, School of General Studies