Student Stories

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Lorenzo Talbot-Foote

From Failure to Success

I don’t use “failure” as a dirty word, because each failure is an opportunity to grow.

Lorenzo Talbot-Foote SEAS’19

Jason Walker

Transferring and Transitioning to the Ivy League

The most important resource for me has been the people I surround myself with, whether faculty or peers.

Jason Walker GS’20

Maryam Hassan

This, Too, Shall Pass

I have been very lucky to find the support system I have here at Columbia, but I never would have found it if I didn’t ask.

Maryam Khaled Hassan CC’20

Amaris Benavidez

Finding Your Groove

“We all live, learn and grow together, and the onus is on all of you to support each other as you go through this journey.”

Amaris Benavidez SEAS19

Columbia Live Well | Learn Well

Supportive Friends and Career Reconstruction

“They are so supportive in offering a sense of stability, and sort of a rock on which to lean through troublesome times and times where I'm feeling a little anxious about being here at Columbia.”

—Lisa Davis GS’23

I think it’s incredible that the program here at Columbia and the wonderful staff provide students with opportunities to share their work and form a community. 

Alex Zhang CC’20

Columbia Live Well | Learn Well

Finding Where You Belong

They're always my support channels and they've been so helpful through everything, really making me feel like Columbia is a place where I belong.

—Nicki Felmus CC’18

Asher Goldfinger

Asher Goldfinger SEAS’19 - "Make time for yourself"


Xi Bovell CC'18

Xi Bovell CC’18 - "Everyone around you is human" 

Pawel Maslag GS'18

Pawel Maslag GS’18 - "You're not the only one"

Joi Anderson SEAS'18

Joi Anderson SEAS18 - "You don't have to be perfect"

Andy Zhao CC'20

Andy Zhao CC’20 - "In the same boat as you"

Michelle Page GS’19

Michelle Page GS’19 - "Reach out for help"

Siddharth Singh CC'20

Siddharth Singh CC’20 - "Be open, branch out"