Columbia-JED Campus Objectives

Columbia Live Well | Learn Well

Provide robust screening opportunities at diverse touchpoints in the student experience.

Columbia is committed to increasing the availability of screening activities related to mental health and substance use. Through online screening tools, students can confidentially explore areas of mental and physical health, while furthering their knowledge of campus resources that promote wellness.

Working Group Members: 


Melanie Bernitz
Associate Vice President/Medical Director, Columbia Health

Raphael Coleman
Director, Columbia Health Alice! Health Promotion


Jaci Hawkins
Health Promotion Specialist, Columbia Health Alice! Health Promotion

Radhika Patel
Chief of Staff, University Life

Kristina Hernandez
Executive Director, Marketing Communications, Campus Services

Marchelle Lundquist
Student, Columbia College

Estevan Mesa
Student, Columbia Engineering

Ria Garg
Student, Columbia Engineering

Zita Surprenant
Student, Columbia College

Christopher Thompson
Student, School of General Studies