Columbia-JED Campus Objectives

Columbia Live Well | Learn Well

Train campus community members to identify, reach out to and refer students who may be struggling.

Columbia is committed to better equipping those who interact with our students the most — “gatekeepers” such as residence hall staff, academic advisors, faculty and even fellow students — with a vital means to more quickly recognize and support students who might be in distress.

Working Group Members: 


Richard Eichler
Executive Director, Columbia Health Counseling and Psychological Services

Matthew Patashnick
Assistant Dean, Student and Family Support, Columbia College/Columbia Engineering


Anne Goldfield
Associate Director for Outreach and Community Clinical Services, Columbia Health Counseling and Psychological Services

Raphael Coleman
Director, Columbia Health Alice! Health Promotion

Ixcel Rosal
Associate Vice President, University Life

Michael McNeil
Chief of Administration, Columbia Health

Jalen Del Rosario
Student, Columbia College

Lauren Hagani
Student, Columbia College

Nicole Kaiser
Student, Columbia College

Karolina Sadowska
Student, Columbia College

Justin Wong
Student, Columbia Engineering

Yona Aryah Kornsgold
Student, School of General Studies